If you are seeing this, you have been invited here by someone in our or connected to our inner circle who could very soon become your new favourite person, or you have stumbled across this page because you already know you’re a legend! 

We are looking for social media legends who dominate their chosen platforms and get some serious engagement!  We know that no one works for free, and we are happy to make this worth your while but we would much prefer to partner with you on this journey.  With that being said, we will reward suitable Legends who influence with our Influencer program which pays you on your activity, that way you have skin in the game and the more you help us grow the more lucrative this partnership becomes for you.

We would like a deeper relationship with suitable Influencers for ongoing marketing / promotion activities which will be mutually beneficial.  But, for now,  we don’t want to fill your mouth with too much about what we want but would love to hear about you, what you do and how you do your thing so please take a minute and complete the info below and send it over and we will be in contact with you about how we can work together.

Where do you ROCK your thing?

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